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Does Your Dog Actually Have Psychic Powers?

If you’re a proud dog owner, you’re probably already aware of their amazing and sometimes baffling powers.
Not only are they adorable and 100 percent loyal, they seem to have an uncanny ability to read our minds and often be one step ahead.
According to clinical animal behaviorist Rosie Barclay who was recently interviewed by Express, it is what you can’t see that makes our pets seem supernatural.

“Dogs live in a different sensory world to us,” says Barclay. “While we perceive the world around us primarily in visual terms, their world is one of scent and hearing.”
This may explain why they sense earthquakes and other natural disasters long before we human beings do. In fact, dogs’ hearing is so astute that it has been registered at four times more powerful than ours. Imagine, if you can hear something 30 feet away, your dog can hear it from 120 feet!
If you consider your dog psychic for sitting at the door 30 seconds before someone knocks, it’s much more likely that he heard them long before you could. Your home is their domain. They are constantly tuned in to each and every sound — day and night.

And what about your pup’s sniffer?
It’s actually much more powerful than his or her hearing. The average human being has five million scent glands. Not to shabby… but, dogs can have up to a whopping 300 million.
This is why police would much rather employ a sniffing dog than a human sniffer. We’d fail miserably at the task.
This leads us to another piece of amazing information: “Merely by scenting another dog’s urine, a dog can establish all sorts of information: how old it is, what sex, and whether they’ve met,” explains Barclay.
[gravityform id=”23″ name=”Is Your Dog Psychic? “]They are also able to use their noses to get information on the past, present, and future within an environment. “When a dog goes out in the morning and sniffs the air, it can literally tell what’s passed, what’s present, and what’s on its way into its environment.”
Dogs are so clued into the present moment that they have the ability to take in everything around them. This can be both their greatest strength and their greatest weakness.
When your dog gets out of hand and becomes hard to control, it isn’t necessarily that he or she is trying to drive you nuts. They are most likely picking up on details that you can’t sense if your life depended on it.

And finally, if you find your dog getting sad before you leave. It’s most likely because he or she has been studying you for years.
For example, if you have a specific routine before you leave, even the tiniest details of your actions lets them know you’re going to walk out the door.
“One thing we do know is that dogs have evolved outstanding abilities to read human non-verbal communication,” says psychologist Dr. Julianne Kaminski of Portsmouth University. “Research suggests that their skills in this area are exceptional… they even outperform our closest living relative the chimpanzee.”
Beyond their amazing senses, dogs give themselves fully to those they love. They never seem to forget or give up.
In closing, here are two examples of true and utter devotion:

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