WATCH: Dog and Dolphin Friends Go for a Swim Every Morning

Unlikely animal friendships are simply the best — after all, the only thing that can beat one adorable animal is two or more adorable animals hanging out like old pals.

In this case, the town of Middletown on Ireland’s Tory Island has dog and dolphin friends that routinely go for a morning swim in the brisk northern waters together. Their names Ben the Dog — a Labrador retriever — and Duggie the bottle-nosed dolphin, and they seem to cherish their time in the water together.

The footage comes courtesy of the BBC program Countryfile.

As of late, it seems Ben will pace a dock near the shore before launching himself into the water and going for a swim with Duggie, who often even offers Ben a ride on his back if he needs a little help finding his way back to shore.

Watch the adorable video above.