Watch: Dog and Seal Snuggle on the Beach, Become Instant Best Friends

In case you didn’t know, seals are basically just the dog version of mermaids. For proof, just check out this video posted by the Daily Mail. The video was taken on a beach in France, taken by Elise Frebourg.

The footage captured the incredible moment when a seal makes its way across the sandy beach toward an adorable Labrador. If you guessed that this sea creature and land-mammal would never get along, you’d be wrong— these two become instant BFFs.

In the footage, the dog is laying in the sand and enjoying some downtime when the seal shuffles over. After some introductory pats, the two quickly snuggle up together. It looks like the two are a perfect cuddle-buddy match made in heaven.

Beach-goers report seeing this seal frequently—and apparently it is a very friendly animal.


One surfer, Bertrand Chaussade, said that the seal will swim along with him when he’s out on his board.
Chaussade wrote:

“He played with us for the whole morning. He would climb on my board and ask for strokes and push me over. It was like playing with a little dog, it was a very playful and loving animal. It was a beautiful encounter and a magical moment”