Dog Dies in Hot Car After Owner Hangs Out at Walmart for 13 Hours

During the summer there are a sad amount of stories with the headline “Dog Dies in Hot Car” — but this one is more annoying and troublesome than usual.

According to CBS 12 News, 49-year-old Cassaundra Rasmussen of Crestview, Florida, left her dog locked in a hot car for 13 hours while she shopped in Walmart.

Rasmussen’s pooch, named Waldo, was found by another shopper in the store’s parking lot last Thursday. Of course, by the time he was found, he was already not breathing.

Although the car window was half-cracked, the dog was left without food or water during her escapades. She claims she mistakenly forgot her beloved pooch inside.

Police reported that Waldo died from overheating, and Rasmussen has been charged with a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge.

Why the hell are people still doing this? And what was she doing in Walmart for 13 hours?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first or last time something like this will make headlines. If you see an animal in a car during these hot summer days, we urge you to do something about it. Your actions could save an innocent animal’s life.

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