WATCH: Dog Gets Head Massage, Experiences Pure Joy

Have you ever used one of those metal head massagers?

If not, it’s time you sought one out. It doesn’t work on everyone, but when it does, it’s one of the most relaxing feelings you can experience.

And now, we know it works the same way on dogs, or at least adorable huskies. This husky is named Silver, and is initially resistant to getting a head massage from the strange contraption, but once he allows his owner to get in there, he straight up loves it.

From the YouTube video’s description:

Silver was adopted from the shelter when she was 1 year old. She was found in a very bad shape and was afraid of strangers, especially men. By now she made an amazing recovery. She enjoys scratching behind the ears which makes her very calm. In this video we tried the head massager on her for the first time and the results are clearly visible.

This video was taken on the last day of April 2013 on a beautiful Slovenian spring day, using Sony a55 camera.

Watch the video above.