PICTURES: Dog Has 43 Socks Removed From Its Stomach

First to Know has brought you some of the craziest things people have put inside their bodies. Now we have a twist on the topic, featuring a recent story in which vets retrieved some unbelievable objects from the stomach of a dog. This story is too weird to believe without pictures.

A Great Dane was discovered to have 43—and a half!—socks in his stomach. The dog was reportedly taken to a Portland, Oregon animal hospital after he experienced multiple bouts of vomiting and loss of appetite.

X-rays showed massive amounts of unusual contents lodged in his abdomen, which turned out to be the large number of socks.

The foot apparel had to be surgically removed before the dog was sent home. Photos provided by the Dove Lewis animal clinic shows the bounty of partially digested socks.

dogsocks 3 dog socks 2dogsocks

Oregon Live reported that the Dove Lewis chose to share the incredible photos after learning of a contest by Veterinary Practice News. The contest–called “They Ate WHAT?”–asked for submissions of X-rays and and the crazy veterinary stories that accompanied them.

Dove Lewis won second place for the Great Dane’s sock collection.