WATCH: Adorable Doggy Duo Tie the Knot

We love to satisfying your pet obsession. From the group of hilarious animals that think they are people, to the unforgettable and heartwarming two-legged boxer, they just seriously never get old! Remember the animals being complete jerks that had you laughing out loud? Or how about the impatient dog that honks the horn while waiting in the car for his owner?

Well, this week, we’ve brought it to a whole other level — Dogs. Getting. Married.

We have seen, heard and read all about man’s best friend making us smile, but dog marriage takes the cake.

Since the day Tally was brought home and met Pete, the two have had their sights set on each other. Since then, Pete the Labrador retriever and Tally the mutt have not only made national news, but have an Instragram account where their every activity together is recorded. From best friends to partners, Pete and Tally do absolutely everything together: nap, watch movies, sun bathe and play in the snow. So now their owners decided that it’s time to wed.

Complete with a tuxedo and a beautiful lace dress, the two furry friends tied the knot, followed by a photo shoot of their “puptials.”

Their next stop? The honeymoon of course!