Dog Owners Reap Health & Lifestyle Benefits

Research has shown that dog ownership has many health and wellness benefits. Among them: weight loss, decreased stress, and increased social activity. Recently, a new study has come out claiming dog ownership makes people feel younger, particularly older adults who may have withdrawn from society or decreased their physical activity. Below are the major ways they keep you youthful.


For those who live alone or feel isolated from people, a dog can provide a great deal of comfort and provide companionship. They can also get you to interact with neighbors and those in your community. What’s a better ice breaker than a cute dog?


Dogs require daily exercise and many are up for almost anything you enjoy too-running, walking, bike riding, roller blading, skate boarding, surfing (hey, have you been to Hawaii? Dogs can surf!) It strengthens your body and keeps you young.


Caring for someone other than yourself gives you a renewed purpose in life. You have a reason to get up in the morning and look forward to each day because someone is dependent on you to make their life worth living. This strengthens your spirit which keeps you young.


They say laughter is the best medicine, and if it’s true, everyone should own a dog-dogs are funny! They take pleasure in the simplest things (even ones that are repeated on a daily basis) like tummy rubs and car rides. Sharing in their joy is reason enough to smile every day.


It’s inevitable we all come home from work or a tough day at school as grumpy as can be-but then our dog is there to greet us with his wagging tail, sloppy kisses, and joyful howls. Who says a bad day can’t end when you come home? Dogs reduce stress levels which keeps human hearts healthy.


Dogs can save lives. They can alert you to health problems (like cancer) or if someone in the house is sick or needs help. Don’t believe us? View the video below of Titan, a six-year-old pit bull who saved his elderly mistress not once, but twice!