WATCH: Dog Rescued From Ice on Charles River

It’s always distressing when a pet dog goes missing, but when it happens during deadly, freezing conditions, it makes matters even worse.

That was the case for Jared Bartels, after his pet Goldendoodle, Cooper, ran off while they were on a walk Saturday afternoon. The two live in Massachusetts, which has been experiencing an incredibly harsh winter, so Bartels was naturally worried. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending.

When Bartels couldn’t find Cooper, he and a friend posted fliers around the area in hopes that someone would see the dog and let him know. Sunday morning, an unknown person who had seen a flier called 911 and reported spotting Cooper — stuck on a patch of ice about 40 feet into the Charles River. The freezing pooch had evidently been stuck there throughout the night.

Wellesley Fire Department Deputy Chief Kevin Donahue told that firefighters donned waterproof suits, then worked as a team to rescue Cooper. In the raw footage above, you can see them wading out toward the dog, and in less than 20 minutes were able to drag him through the water, from firefighter to firefighter, until he was back on land. At that point, the dog was wrapped in blankets and hurried to a waiting vehicle where it could sit in the heat until Bartels arrived.

The “Dog Rescued From Charles River” video from the Associated Press shows that reunion, and it’s pretty amazing. Check out the rescue and reunion above.