Rambo The Dog Saves Owner Struck By Lightning & 13 Other Hikers

dog saves man from lightening

Doctors have determined that it is very likely Jonathan Hardman’s dog Rambo saved him and 13 others in a lightening strike. The group was hiking on Mount Bierstadt at an altitude of 14,000 feet when a bolt of lightening struck.

Rambo took the brunt of the lightening bolt, which allegedly saved the lives of the 13 people.

“All I remember is just a light… just a bright light hitting the ground, and then I just fell, one of the hikers told NBC.

Hardman sustained serious injuries, but didn’t remember being struck. “I was coaching my dog down, tell him to jump where I was and next thing I know, I just wake up, and I couldn’t move my arms or my legs.”

He then tried to find Rambo and found the dog lying dead. One of the hikers attempted to carry Rambo down the mountain, but he was too heavy.

Doctors told Hardman that the dog shared the electric charge generated by the bolt of lightening, which probably saved his life.

“He was right at my side,” Hardman said. “And if it weren’t for him, I might have had that whole thing in my body alone.”