Dog ‘Shuts Down’ for the Saddest Reason Ever

At only five months old, Lana was brought to a boarding Kennel in Toronto. She was the runt of a huge litter from Mexico.

For many years, she was in foster programs with different families and there were never any problems reported. When she was around five years old, a family permanently adopted her.

Since she was so used to fighting her other siblings for food, Lada had guarding issues. One afternoon she snapped at one of her owners. As the owners had kids, they couldn’t risk keeping Lana in their home.

She was taken back to the animal shelter and this devastating photo captures her sad condition:


She was too sad to go on walks and was very unresponsive in her kennel. The only person who could get her to show some enthusiasm was Dahlia Ayoub (pictured below with Lana), a staff member who had cared for her previously.


Ayoub said, “She just shut down. It’s almost like her world shut down.”

Lana continues to look for a ‘forever’ home, but for now, she has found solace in a new foster home.