WATCH: Dog Steals Baby Toys, Feels Guilty & Apologizes

If you have a dog and a baby or infant, you know this story all too well. Your sweet little child is innocently playing with his or her brightly colored, cushy little toy. Perhaps it took you a while — and the use of this beloved toy — to get that precious little creature to relax, calm down, and stop crying.

And then, without any warning, your favorite pet pooch leaps into action and takes the toy. It makes sense — the plushy object looks just like all of his other chew toys — but this quick action can send any baby into a tailspin of crying. You may be able to wrestle the toy back, but it’s not like you can happily take it from dog’s mouth to baby’s, so you make a desperate dash to find something else that will pacify the child.

Fine. We’re used to that action. But what this video takes an odd twist, and it’s why everyone’s been sharing the viral video this morning.

ThisĀ dog steals baby toys, but after the child begins crying the dog appearsĀ to feel guilty and begins seeking out other objects around the house that it picks up and returns to her. There’s certainly been some editing to make the video shorter and easier to watch, but it’s super sweet seeing the four-legged-repentant-thief in action. Check it out in the player above.