WATCH: Dog Stops Robbery by Biting Robber’s Face

A would-be gas station robber got the surprise of his life — and possibly some seriously scars — when a dog came to his owner’s aid this week.

And the three-year-old Pit Bull-Boxer mix’s name? Thor. Like the Norse God of Thunder, or the Marvel comics super hero.

Justin Ireland brought Thor to work with him at Holly’s Gas Station in Saco, Maine. The day was running smoothly until a strange man entered the building.

According to Ireland’s account on WGME, “Guy walked up to the door, asked if he could use my phone. I never let anyone in the building. So I said no, I don’t have a phone you can use.” That’s when the intruder pulled out a gun and pushed Ireland back, demanding money. “As soon as he pushed me, that’s when Thor jumped up at him,” Ireland said. “I started yelling, that’s when he went right after him.”

Raw video of the attack has just been released, and it’s posted above. As Saco Deputy Police Chief Jeffrey Holland said, “The dog jumped up and nipped at [the robber’s] hand initially. And then it appears in the video that he bit him on both sides of his face. He’s never done anything like that before.”

As soon as the dog attacked, the man fled the scene. So far, he has not been caught by police, but between the video and his potential injuries, authorities are confident.

While Ireland says that Thor was never trained to fight, he’ll definitely be staying on the job.

“The boss likes him just because he looks like good security,” Ireland said to WGME. ” And now I know he actually is.”

Robber Report:

Police are now looking for the robbery suspect. He is described as a white male, 5′-8″, 180 pounds, who wore a navy blue gap hoodie and may have dog bites to his face. Ireland says the weapon looked like a BB gun. Police say he was seen driving away in a light blue, newer model, Chevy Silverado truck.