WATCH: Heartbreaking Video Shows Dog Trying to Revive His Dead Friend

DISCLAIMER: If you are easily shaken up, you probably don’t shouldn’t watch the above video. 

This video has been shared all over the media in Mexico as a public plea for people to respect animals and treat them with tenderness.

It was recorded by a 42-year-old taxi driver named Serrano Madera in Mexico City.

According to Madera, the white dog was struck by a vehicle and instantly killed. Allegedly, the driver didn’t even hesitate after running it over. Instead, they just continued driving down the road as if nothing even happened.

After the dog was hit and killed, another compassionate canine came running over in an attempt to revive it. Unfortunately, his efforts were not answered. The dog is then seen resorting to curling up on the ground next to his fallen pal.

How heartbreaking is this video of a dog trying to revive his friend? We can’t believe it.

The footage is a reminder of how cruel and heartless some humans can be.