Dog Walks 20 Blocks Alone to Visit Owner in the Hospital

A miniature schnauzer named Sissy shocked hospital staff in Cedar Rapids, Iowa when she walked into the lobby of Mercy Medical Center completely alone. Security cameras show the 10-year-old dog wandering into facility all by herself, KWWL reports.

“I get a call from Mercy (Medical Center) security,” said Dale Franck, Sissy’s owner. “They say, ‘We have a little dog here.'”

It turns out Sissy escaped when she was let out to use the bathroom, and traveled the 20 blocks straight to the hospital where Franck’s wife, Nancy Franck, happened to be a patient. Nancy was at the hospital recovering from surgery, and had not been home in two weeks. Nancy believes Sissy was on a mission to find her.

“(Sissy) snuck herself in,” said Nancy. “Set the door off-she got in by herself too. So she was on a mission.”

At first, hospital security didn’t realize Sissy belonged to a patient at the hospital. They used the information on her collar to contact Dale Franck. It was then, the pieces of the puzzle came together, and they realized the dog’s connection to a hospital patient.

A security officer even let Sissy have a short visit to Nancy’s room.

How Sissy knew where to find her owner remains a mystery to the Francks. They say she has never run away from home before, and could not possibly have known that Nancy was at Mercy—or even how to get there.