Doggone Cute: National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

January 14th is Dress Up Your Pet Day. It started as a fun way to support the pet fashion community, and then it morphed into an annual dress up day for pets!

Dress up Your Pet Day was founded in 2009 by celebrity pet lifestyle expert and behaviorist Colleen Paige to raise efforts for pet adoption. It’s sponsored by the Animal Miracle Network and supports only respectful, comfortable outer wear for your pet.

Says Paige, “Keep your pet’s comfort level in mind when involving him/her in this fun novelty day.” It’s not intended to be “a day to disrespect our pets with uncomfortable, vulgar and/or seasonally inappropriate costumes for the sake of a laugh or photo shoot.”

Keep it tasteful, people!

You can dress your pet up in cute costumes from last Halloween, or a simple t-shirt or fancy collar just to give them a little more personality and participate in the pet-friendly day.

If your pet gets anxious or scared, a perfect option would be the Thundershirt. It’s an actual t-shirt you put on your dog to swaddle them. The gentle pressure is said to calm the animal’s nervous system, reducing their anxiety and fear. Bonus—they look super cute and it’s comfortable, non-restrictive outer wear.

We’d love to see some pictures on our Facebook page if anyone would be interested in sharing!