WATCH: Huge Pack of Dogs Have the Best Pool Party Ever

This looks like the party of the summer. It’s not just a pool that’s filled with water, it’s jam-packed full with over 15 big lovable pups of all ages!

From Labradors to Golden Retrievers, there are several varieties of adorable four-footers splashing, playing fetch and “ruff”-housing around.

Some of the pooches opted to hang back and chill on the stairs of the VIP—Very Important Pooch —end of the pool. Meanwhile, their canine pals can be seen happily throwing themselves head first into the water to retrieve toys and paddle around.

All of these dog breeds are noted swimmers in the canine world, so it makes sense that they are having a blast getting some exercise and keeping cool in pool. More importantly, everyone is getting along and seems to be having an absolute blast.

The video was only posted to YouTube earlier this month, but it has been shared by thousands. In fact, according to the Mirror, it as been shared by dog-lovers more than 400,000 times!

But it’s easy to see why: These dogs are having have the best pool party ever!

That’s the best kind of “paw”-ty!