Three Dogs VS One Porcupine – It Doesn’t End Well

Mahalo, Nestah and Soljah are three happy dogs who all live on a farm in Canada. The dogs were all playing on the property when they came face to face with another creature, a porcupine. Being the curious canines they are, it is thought that the dogs and the prickly animal had a bad encounter. This lead to all three of them to be pierced by the porcupine’s quills several times.gbfgbfgbfgb

According to Sky News, Mahalo, a pit bull suffered from punctures in her heart and lungs. The other two dogs were hurt but less severely. The owner of the three canines is now struggling to pay off their vet bills and has a GoFundMe page setup for those who would like to donate.gfgsdfgsdfg

All three of the dogs are now home and recovering.


If your dog is punctured by a porcupine try to minimize all movement and take him or her to a vet as soon as possible to have the quills removed.