12 Adorable Moments of Dogs Hugging Their Humans

Most people are crazy about their pets, especially their dogs. They form deep connections with their dogs, which are often the longest and strongest relationships they will ever get to experience in their entire lives.

Anyone who has ever lived with a dog knows that they have feelings, just like humans. They are known to show a wide-range of emotions, such as curiosity, anxiety, fear, longing and love.

While they may not possess a full range of feelings the way humans experience them — or at least the experts don’t think they do — the perfect pooched do, in fact, feel. That’s probably why our furry, four-legged friends like to give us hugs and slobbery kisses so often. (That’s our guess, and not one from those so-called “experts.”)

Dogs have long provided us with friendship, comfort and unconditional love. They are our best friends. And nowhere is that exemplified more than in this series of photos.┬áCheck out the slideshow above for some of the most adorable moments of dogs hugging their humans you’ve ever seen. Feel free to share your own images in the comments on our Facebook page.

Images: Bored Panda and Tumblr

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