Canine Heroes: Dog Blood Donors Help Save the Lives of Other Pups

Do you have a healthy dog between 2-9 years of age, that weighs at least 50 pounds, and has a universal blood type?

If so, your pet may be eligible to become a hero for other pups and dogs.

Animals in veterinary care can benefit from blood transfusions sourced through other dogs. Dr. Bruce Benge, a veterinarian at a donation center in Illinois explains the process only takes a few minutes and the dog can stay awake through it all with minimal to no pain.

If you’ve ever donated blood yourself, the process will feel very similar: The vet finds a vein in the dog, inserts the needle and from there it’s only a matter of waiting for the collection bag to fill. After this is done, your pet gets some rest to recover and goes on with his day. This process can be repeated every other month.

Check out the news clip above to learn more and to see how blood donation has already helped save the life of one happy and beautiful dog.

Feature Image: Jamie Hanson, The Sunday Mail