Store Clerk Charged with Battery after Whipping Another Mother’s Child

A Dollar General store clerk has been charged with simple battery after she allegedly whipped 8-year-old Logan Ivey for running around and throwing a cookie at her. According to CBS affiliate WMAZ-TV in Wrightsville, Ga. Emilia Graciella Bell, 39, whipped the boy with a belt an estimated 25 times.

The boy’s mother and sister were in the store at the time, but didn’t see the attack firsthand. Police Chief Paul Sterling reported the incident was clearly captured on surveillance video. Sterling was so troubled by Bell’s actions that he will seek to upgrade the clerk’s charge to aggravated assault.

According to the police report, Ivey was running around the store when Bell began calling him “demon boy” and attempting to make him calm down. In response to her actions and words, Ivey responded, “I will show you bad” and threw a cookie at her.

Bell became agitated and chased him behind the counter where she began spanking him with her belt. “It felt like five needles were sticking in me,” Ivey told WMAZ. “I was screaming, ‘Momma!'”

The boy’s father Jody Ivey was permitted to view the surveillance video and shocked at what he witnessed. “I wish everyone could see the video,” he commented. “It shows how many times she really hit him and how bad it was.”

According to Georgia state law, aggravated assault includes the use of a deadly weapon, object or device to inflict serious bodily injury on another individual. The punishment for the felony is a maximum of 20 years in prison.

If the Wrightsville¬†Chief¬†of Police is able to increase Bell’s alleged crime to aggravated assault, she may face a number of years behind bars.

In the case that Bell’s charge of simple battery stands and she is convicted, she will receive a misdemeanor. Punishment for a first-time offense may include fines and probation, but a very slim chance for prison time.

See the Logan Ivey interviewed on CBS Affiliate WMAZ: