WATCH: Woman Physically Abuses Her Boyfriend in Public, Nobody Cares

Every year, it is estimated that about 3.2 million men are the victims of an assault by their partners. Many of these assaults are relatively minor, including slapping, hitting, and shoving, but others often escalate to a more serious nature, ending in homicide.

So, why is it that when men are abused in public places that nobody seems to care? It may be do to preconceived notions and prejudices about domestic violence. The first thing that usually comes to mind when people think about domestic violence is a picture of a man beating down on a woman who is weaker than him.

When women physically abuse men, people usually just stand around laughing, snapping photos, taking videos or even going as far as to join in on the harassment. But when the tables are turned and a woman is the one being physically mistreated, people get involved to rescue her from harms way.

This social experiment, conducted by OckTV, will give you a clear picture of how people react when confronted with both situations. Honestly, the results are shocking.

What would you do if you witnessed this kind of domestic abuse on males? Would you step in and take action?