A Domestic Cat and Lynx Become Unlikely Best Friends

What happens when a calico cat wanders into the cage of a deadly predator at the St. Petersburg Zoo in Russia? You may be surprised, but it’s NOT what you’d expect.

In most cases, this story would end in a zoo worker disposing of the remains of a stray kitten turned to a wolf’s lunch. But not this time — partially because the deadly predator was a distant relative of the cat: a lynx.

Instead, the two felines have become inseparable, with adorable results. The pictures are enough to make even Hannibal Lecter’s heart melt.

Thankfully, the zookeepers weren’t immune to the cuteness of it all. The zoo wound up adopting the cat so the pair could continue their unlikely friendship, one that overcomes the rigid boundaries of the feline world — namely, domestic cats versus wild cats.

If you want to see the duo’s loving relationship in action, watch the video above, complete with appropriately schmaltzy music. (But, seriously, it is kind of cute.)

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