Donald Duck Issues Traffic Tickets, Angers Drivers

The police force of Fort Lee, New Jersey is trying to solve a traffic problem, and they’re using a Donald Duck costume to make that happen.

This seemingly goofy plan was to raise awareness about crosswalk safety. Too often, drivers in Fort Lee have been racing through crosswalks, ignoring pedestrians either standing on the curb or just entering the marked roadway. So one police officer dressed up as Donald Duck — which no driver could miss — and when he would cross the road they watched to see who would stop for the famous fowl. Many drivers did, but those who didn’t were sited with a ticket.

Chief Keith Bendul explained, “Two years ago, we had 62 people struck. This year, we had 40, I’m glad to say. But zero is my ultimate goal.” He continued, saying, “When you see a pedestrian, child, adult or duck, stop. Let them cross and proceed with your day.”

In the video above, you see Donald get ignored and tickets were issued. However, some locals got their feathers ruffled over the Donald Duck police officer. One woman in particular, Karen Haigh, said she didn’t stop because the “duck” kept walking on and off the curb, and she believed it was a disturbed person on Halloween.

What do you think? Is this a smart way to raise awareness, or a quacked-up idea? Let us know in the comments below.

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