Donald Trump Could Die While In Office Says British Doctor

Image Source: Getty Images

Well, there you have it folks, looks like Baba Vanga’s prophecy might just come true, according to a British doctor, who believes Donald Trump could be dead within a year.

Dr Patrick Heck disagrees with Trump’s official medical report, which was released earlier this year, stating that the president-elect is far off from the ‘excellent health’ his own doctor reported him to be in.

The British cardiologist claims Trump’s “sleepless nights and gruelling schedule” could prove fatal for the 70-year-old.

“For a man of 70, the high-octane campaign, sleepless nights and gruelling schedule particularly in the final few weeks of his campaign might well have exacted a toll on his heart.”

Image Source: The Real Donald Trum / Twitter
Image Source: The Real Donald Trum / Twitter

Now we all know that Trump isn’t one to turn down a bucket of KFC fried chicken and at 6ft 3 inches in height, his current weight of 16 stone, 9lbs, makes him considerably overweight for his height.

Image Source: The Real Donald Trump / Twitter
Image Source: The Real Donald Trump / Twitter

Heck claims the president-elect’s relationship with his much younger wife Melania Trump could also have a serious impact on his health. “His wife, Melania Trump, is beautiful and ambitious and will make certain demands as a young woman in her prime at 46. She will require time and energy.” Yikes! Let’s hope she isn’t high maintenance.


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