Donald Trump Ignores Warnings, Looks Directly At The Total Eclipse

Donald Trump stared at the solar eclipse today without any protective glasses, sending Twitter into a storm.

The solar eclipse plunged the US into darkness today as a 70-mile wide and 2,500-mile long “path of totality” swept across 14 States and somehow Trump still managed to cause controversy.

Hitting Oregon at around 9am PDT it took 90 minutes to travel across the country before ending in South Carolina at 3pm EDT. The first total eclipse for 99 years, millions planned events, parties and made plans to mark their first experience of the phenonemon across the country.

The public had been warned not to look directly at the eclipse but instead to use special protective glasses. When did rules ever apply to POTUS though? Trump was spotted taking a peek at the sky as he watched from the White House with wife and FLOTUS Melania and son Brandon.

Twitter didn’t miss it either:

And wasn’t impressed:

Literally everyone: please observe #SolarEclipse safely. do not stare into the sun directly, you WILL damage your eyes!!

I honestly didn’t think there could be a way Trump could embarrass us just by watching a solar eclipse.

According to ABC News, someone even shouted “don’t look”:

Some claimed it was the perfect metaphor for his presidency:

Trump did wear the glasses when the full force of the eclipse hit Washington D.C., as Fox News pointed out: