Donald Trump Voodoo Dolls Have Cast a Spell on America

The latest craze in the 2016 Presidential race isn’t a bird landing on a podium during a speech or a video splicing together the word “China” over and over; it’s the Donald Trump Voodoo Doll. Created by artist Sally Noedel from Bainbridge Island in Washington, the Donald Trump Voodoo Doll is intended for Democrats and Republicans alike and have been steadily gaining in popularity. There’s even an entire website dedicated to the dolls that lets you order them online, as well as a Facebook page. For less than $10, buyers get a doll, pins, and spells to cast on the doll. And while the voodoo dolls do not have pieces of Donald Trump’s actual hair embedded into them like the traditional voodoo dolls of old, they do have his face printed onto them.

Will we see a Hillary or Bernie Voodoo Doll to emerge soon as well? It seems that nothing is off the table this election season, and the only thing we can really expect is the unexpected.