Door Falls Off Bono’s Learjet During Flight to Germany

Berlin airport authorities say U2 front man Bono’s private plane lost a hatch at 15,000 feet as it was coming in for a landing in the German capital. Fortunately, the Irish singer and front man for U2 was never in danger. The 80-centimeter by 100- rear hatch landed in the vicinity of Schoenefeld airport, on Berlin’s southeastern edge. It is still unclear how the hatch came off.

“The Learjet lost a door where the luggage was put in,” the official, Germout Freitag, told ABC News.

Freitag said authorities don’t understand why the door flew off. Two suitcases were also reported missing from the luggage compartment.

“There can be many reasons for this incident. Either something broke on the door or the door wasn’t closed properly. Those are the usual problems that occur,” Freitag said.

The surprising part? The two pilots only found out on the ground after they’d landed.

According to NBC, “They told investigators that they noticed a rumble similar to turbulence during a right-hand turn on approach, but that they felt no major change in how the plane was flying. Because the luggage compartment at the back of the plane is not connected to the pressurized cabin, there was no loss of pressure when the door detached. The jet did not suffer any structural damage.”