Double-Duty Fashion: A Great Simple Dress

Across the board most women have a fashion budget they’re struggling to stay within. For women who work (particularly in a conservatively dressing office) wardrobe challenges can be the most severe. Having a cute outfit that’s functional for work and one that doubles for fun, can leave a girl feeling like she’s stretching her  newly purchased Kate Spade or Chloe handbag beyond repair.

Dresses are the easiest and most transitional pieces. These handy-dandy frocks go from day to night with the addition of a few accessory and shoe exchanges, leaving our wallets in tact and our “what to wear” debates in check.

This summer’s dresses are some of the most versatile. From shift dresses, to classic Mad Men style, remember to start with a simple and great-fitting dress in a beautiful color, add a little bold lip, a sleek bag,  and a sexier shoe for night, and you’ve just effectively multi-tasked your closet for months to come.

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