Double Take: 12 Perfectly Timed Photos

There’s been a huge surge of perfectly timed photos flying across the internet in recent months. These are images that were¬†snapped at just the right time, when someone or something in the picture is positioned in such a way that it creates an optical illusion. It can result in a person looking like her or she has a giant head, spindly legs, a deformed body, or is exposing their private parts in public.

Wait, what? you think, because you know what you’re seeing in the photo looks real, and yet you logically know that this scene shouldn’t be happening in reality.

This, of course, adds to the fun of these pictures, turning them from just a joke into a mental quiz for you to figure out what’s really going on — and it’s why blogs of perfectly timed photos are cropping up all over. Naturally, that popularity has spurred some people to stage these images, or use Photoshop to try and create them. But, like a bad Hollywood movie poster, the average viewer can usually tell the real ones from the fakes.

We sat down and scoured the web for 12 of our favorites. These definitely made us do a double take. Check them out in the slide show above.

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