Dr. Pimple Popper Cuts Open Foot Lump & Makes Deadly Discovery

Warning: This video is graphic and contains gory content.

Waking up to a huge pimple on your face is guaranteed to ruin your day. For one man, he had a huge lump on the side of his foot.

Initially thinking it was some sort of a pimple, he went to Dr. Sandra Lee, known better as “Dr. Pimple Popper.” She has become well known on the Internet for her pimple popping porn.

She took a look at the lump and diagnosed it as a ganglion cyst, a fluid filled swelling that usually grows near tendons or joints.

To her surprise, she couldn’t drain the lump. That’s when she realized, this was far from a cyst.

She made an incision and cut open the lump to extract what looked like a little bouncy ball. It was a palisaded encapsulated neuroma. In simpler terms, it was a tumor made of nerve cells.

Although he was reluctant to go at first, Dr. Lee knows for certain that he was happy that he decided to get it checked out.

If you have weird bumps on your body, make sure to take it seriously and get it checked out! Sure, it could be a huge pimple that needs to be popped, but it could also be something more serious.