PHOTOS: Abandoned Dr. Seuss House in Alaska Will Stun You

According to local legend, this Willow, Alaska home was built following a massive forest fire. At that time, it had an amazing view of Mount McKinley and Denali National Park — that was until the trees that had burned began recovering.

The home’s owner decided to add a few more stories and continued as time progressed. In the end, there were nearly 12 stories total. The following aerial footage provides an amazing overview of the structure.

Eventually, the owner moved on from this location and the tower sat abandoned. The house has recently been bought and is now being renovated by its new owner.

In our opinion, Dr. Seuss would have probably loved this structure. Whether the original owner of this house intended to mirror the designs of the great Dr. Seuss, we can’t help but love it!

doctor Seuss house