Dress Fail: This Is Why You Should Never Order Cheap Knockoffs Online

A woman thought she was purchasing a copy of an elegant dress worn by actress Jaimie Alexander.The horrific gown she received just proves that expectation does not always translate into reality.

Purchased from the online Chinese retailer Taobao, the dress is completely unflattering.

According to The Mirror, the dress was supposed to be a copy of a risqué gown worn by Thor actress Jaimie Alexander.

The gown, which Alexander wore in 2013 to the LA premiere of Thor: The Dark World, is a black floor-length number with a sheer cut-out panel that extends neck-to-toe. The panel, which is both on the front and the back of the dress, doesn’t leave much to the imagination and exposes most of the wearer’s intimate areas.

The copy of the dress is a severely underwhelming rendition that—while still shockingly risqué—has none of the elegance of the original.


The sheer panel is much larger and more revealing than that of the original. In fact it looks like if the fabric shifted just a little bit in any direction, the wearer is in danger of a major wardrobe malfunction.

In contrast to the long clean lines of the dress Alexander wore, this dress just doesn’t lay right in real life.  The cheaper fabric bunches, wrinkles, and pulls in all the wrong places.


The unsatisfied shopper who ordered the dress sent photos of the disaster to the Taobao to complain. No word yet if she will return the dress, or receive a refund.