Why Did This Little Boy Almost Make a Tough Drill Sergeant Cry?

During an episode of Jenny Jones, a mid-90s talk show, a drill sergeant gets right in the face of a troublesome 10-year-old in order to teach him how to show some respect, but then, the unexpected happens.

When the drill sergeant leans in and asks the kid if he’d like him to be his father for the next eight years, the boy’s answer left him speechless.

“You love that woman right there? You love her right?” the tough sergeant asks.

“Yes, sir” the boy responds.

“You’re not an adult until you’re 18. Do you want me to be your daddy for the next eight years, son?”

Without hesitation, the troubled boy responds, “Yes, sir.”

Confused, the stern drill sergeant asks, “Why you want me to be your daddy?”

That’s when he quit with the scare tactics, offered him a big hug and led him off the stage.

You’ll have to watch the video above to find out what the kid’s answer was. It may even make you shed a few tears.