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The Drive Thru Headless Prank – Best Halloween Trick EVER!

Oh my God we can’t stop laughing at the now-famous “Drive Thru Headless Prank” viral video.

This video was produced last year, but it’s making the rounds again and it’s completely genius. It’s not so much that the guy looks like a frightening headless corpse. In the daylight, it’s obvious that this is a fake. But when he goes through drive-thrus at various restaurants, in the evenings when it’s dark, and he tries to pay — the reactions of the fast food workers is absolutely priceless. From screams to laughs, to unintelligible responses that the video producers attempted to subtitle, their responses are what make this short video worth watching.

The prank was shot and produced by MagicofRahat, and he’s got a number of funny videos on his YouTube page. They tend to feature some kind of horror theme — such as a dropping head, alien sightings, demons in a drive thru, and more.

These videos are all in good fun, looking for a humorous reaction from the innocent bystander, without making that person look like a fool. We think that this is also what makes the segments so amusing, because you never get that uncomfortable feeling that some person is going to end up looking truly bad.

In fact, they just look like us.

Check out the short Halloween inspired video above.

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