Drone Films Incredible Surfing Footage on a Shallow Reef in Indonesia

Located about 80 miles west of Indonesia’s largest island, Sumatra, the Mentawai Islands are the premiere surfing destination for those who are looking to escape the daily grind and enjoy some of the most amazingly consistent waves on Earth.

The Mentawais’ strong winds, heavy sun exposure, unpredictable currents and razor-sharp corals may hinder many surfers from actually making the journey, but for the rest, they have said there’s no better ride to be had.

With plenty of racing tubes, rights, lefts and large swells, these islands have it all, which is probably why filmmaker Paul Borrud was so stoked to spend 11 days here surfing and filming with his drone.

In his own words:

The conditions were perfect the entire trip with light offshore winds and plenty of swell to go around. I was able to capture some pretty interesting angles using Phyllis (name of my drone).

Needless to say, the aerial footage is incredibly beautiful.

Watch as Borrud’s drone films surfing footage in the video above.