Drone Pilot Catches Man Secretly Sunbathing on Top 200-Foot Wind Turbine (VIDEO)

Do you know where the best place to sunbathe is? On the beach? In your backyard? On a blanket in a lovely city park?

How about 200-ft above the ground on top of a wind turbine? That seems to be this guy’s ideal spot to chill.

Kevin Miller flew the drone all the way up the 200ft turbine to find the mystery man flat on his back catching some rays.

Apparently, he absolutely no fears about slipping and falling to his death. Even wind energy workers wear full-body harnesses to prevent them from such a tragedy occurring.

We wonder how long this guy has been climbing to the top of this wind turbine to work on his tan.

Nevertheless, he doesn’t seem too happy about that drone disturbing his peaceful alone time.