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DropCatch: the Magnetic Wall-Mounted Beer Bottle Opener

After throwing a party, what’s usually left on the floor are countless beer cans, quite a few bottle caps and a bunch of other things we’d rather not mention.
And the only thing that’s worse than the excruciating headache and hangover you’ll suffer from indulging in too much alcohol is cleaning up all that mess.
In the process of doing so, you’ll often times experience more than your fair share of bottle cap teeth sticking to the bottoms of your feet. Those little bastards are just as annoying and painful as stepping on a Lego.
Fortunately, an expertly hand-crafted magnetic, wall-mounted bottle opener may soon be available to eliminate that problem!
Developed by Kent Frayn and Joe Walsh, the DropCatch is made in their Chicago workshop out of high-grade rare earth magnets, steel and beautifully finished hardwood. It has an impeccable design, it’s lightweight, waterproof and capable of holding anywhere between 15 and 52 caps.
Since first launching their project idea onto Kickstarter, the duo have already surpassed their $10,000 goal, with 28 days left of funding to go. At this rate, they’ll be able to efficiently mass produce their ingenious idea.
Initially, they were offering DropCatch in either a “Junior” ($50) or ‘Senior” ($70) size for all of your partying needs, but due to the overwhelming response they have received, the price dropped by $10.
Every beer lover should have one. Don’t worry, even if you use this bottle opener on a twist off, we won’t give you any hassle.

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