Drug Dealer Busted by Cops Because There’s No Snow on His Roof

Authorities in Netherlands recently raided a house near Amsterdam and seized a massive crop of marijuana plants. The home’s roof tipped them off to the illegal going-on inside.

The resident’s roof was the only one in the neighborhood in the snowy town of Haarlem that wasn’t covered with snow, according to ABC. That lack of snow is a sign of heat, and all that heat within one home suggests a growing operation within. The Dutch police even posted to Twitter about this drug bust:

Dutch police have been using similar tactics to weed out drug purveyors throughout the nation. In the Netherlands, it’s actually legal for persons to possess small quantities of marijuana, but growing operations like this one lie on the wrong side of the law.

According to the Guardian, Dutch Police aren’t the first to employ these kinds of detective tactics to weed out growers:

In 2013, the West Midlands Police department released a video on YouTube that showed a plantation in Birmingham seen through a thermal-imaging camera.

Police described it as being “lit up like a beacon”. Authorities then raided an apartment, in which they found 143 cannabis plants.

The technique is certainly not fail proof, however.

In 2009 police raided a home in Yorkshire, certain that the heat coming from the property was due to lamps for cannabis plants. Instead, they found a wood burning stove.