Photographic Proof That Recreational Drugs Truly Are Psychedelic

Recreational drugs may be harmful, but there sure do look beautiful when documented on film negatives. They make everything look shiny and new and bursting with life.

While working at a nightclub in Berlin, Germany, Sarah Schönfeld came up with the brilliant idea to explore what the effects of various drugs clubgoers were taking actually looked like.

Schönfeld turned her photography studio into a lab so that she could expose a variety of drug mixtures (both legal and illegal) in their liquid form to film negatives and document the results. What she unearthed was out-of-this-world!

These images of chemical reactions, including MDMA, heroin, LSD and other substances, delve deep into the relationship between photography and alchemy. The direct chemical effects of the drug on the negatives is remarkable, especially when magnified.

If such substances have this kind of effect on film, can you imagine what goes on inside the human body when one of them is ingested?

After staring at these images for a while, it’s kind of hard to tell where this psychedelic world ends and the real-world begins. Each of them is like their own, cordoned off little universe.

The artist’s photos were turned into a body of work titled, All You Can Feel.