Drunken Moose Falls into a Pond, Has Massive Hangover the Next Morning

Monty the Moose had quite an adventure after getting so drunk that he headed out to the Russian city of Semenov and subsequently fell into a pond.

The animal would have drowned if it wasn’t for men like officer Pavel Mihachkov, who managed to rescue the intoxicated moose.

“The beast was bonkers on booze” he said. “It was a magnificent specimen but he was so sizzled he could barely stand.”

The authorities reportedly roped him in and sent him to an animal shelter to sleep it off for the night. The next morning, vets told the cops Monty “had the mother and father of all hangovers” but assured that he would be okay.

So the question on everyone’s mind: How does a moose even get drunk in the first place? Was he taking shots of vodka or downing beer?

Not exactly.

UK’s Metro News explains it was likely due to berries that had fallen to the ground and became fermented by the time Monty found his way to them.

We all hope this was the first and the last time for the animal getting plastered.

Feature Image by CEN