WATCH: Drunk British Guy’s Epic Cover of Shaggy’s ‘Angel’ During Pee Break

Some of the best things happen in the European pub bathrooms (coincidentally, so do some of the worst).

Case in point: Some drunk British guy recently did one of the best Shaggy impressions we’ve ever seen and we love it.

Now we’re not talking about Scooby-doo’s Shaggy; we’re talking about the ‘90s singing sensation who gave the world such gems as ‘Mr. Boombastic’ and ‘It wasn’t Me.’ You know, the guy with the deep voice and mesmerizing heave accent that we’re sure you’ve tried to replicate yourself. Well, this guy has mastered it!

Check out the spot-on cover of ‘Angel’ above and be blown away. In case you weren’t around in the ‘90s or lived under a rock, we’ve also included the original track below for comparison purposes.