Drunk Judge Assaults and Bites Cops Because They’re Not Taxi Drivers

A judge who was so intoxicated that he mistook a couple of policemen for taxi drivers has been charged with assault after punching and trying to bite the officers because they refused to drive him to his holiday home.

According to Telegraph News, the French judge flagged down a cop car after collecting his three children from his ex-wife’s home in the southern city of Montpellier. He admitted the next day his level of intoxication led him to believe the blue lights meant the cop car was a taxi.

During the incident, the judge declared “I am a deputy presiding judge, take me home!”

Even after the officers told him they were not taxi drivers and tried to reason with him, he hurled insults at them and growing more irate, struck one of the officers in the crotch. He then attempted to bite the second policeman, before being arrested and taken to a police station, where he tried to bite two other cops. The 48-year-old judge, who has not been named was placed in a police cell for the night before being charged with “assaulting persons in a position of public authority” the next day.

Bruno Bartocetti of the police union Unité SGP spoke about the case, saying “It’s truly regrettable that a judge behaved in such a manner, but as far as we are concerned, he’s a citizen like any other and obviously we couldn’t overlook what he did.”

He also said, “Relations between the police and the judiciary are good contrary to what you might think. The judge has admitted what he did.”

In addition to the criminal charges, the judge is also expected to face professional disciplinary proceedings.