Allegedly Drunk Man Poses as TSA Agent, Gropes Women in Private Booth

An unnamed 53-year-old man has been charged after getting drunk at San Francisco airport and impersonating a TSA officer.

According to CBS, a man decided to do some role playing after wandering over to the security checkpoint of the airport’s International Terminal and finding a pair of blue gloves. The man, who had spent a few hours drinking in an airport lounge past security, put on the gloves and was dressed in a pair of khakis and blue polo shirt similar to the uniforms worn by the official screeners. He then convinced two foreign female travelers that he was a TSA agent and asked them to accompany him into a private screening area.

The Daily Mail reports the drunk man was able to lead one woman to the private booth, but it is unclear what happened between the two since the woman left on her flight afterwards and could not be tracked down.

It wasn’t until he was leading the second woman into the booth that he was stopped by real TSA agents. They had become suspicious after noticing he was headed to the screening area with the woman, even though only female agents are allowed to clear female passengers, according to Jezebel.

The agents detained the man until police arrived and charged him with public drunkenness. He may also face other charges such as false imprisonment if either one of the woman he allegedly groped come forward. So far neither one of them has been tracked down.

The TSA has taken over the investigation from the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and are currently looking deeper into the matter.