Drunk Mom Makes Her Child Drive Home

We know you’re supposed to bring a designated driver if you plan on getting a bit buzzed, but you should also make sure your DD is licensed and not a child.

No one ever told 42 year-old Jessica Mathiau that bit of advice though. Vermont State Police spotted a car parked in the middle of a road in Brattleboro around dusk on Saturday night.

Upon investigating, they discovered Mathiau drunk in the passenger seat and a child, far too young to drive legally, behind the wheel. Upon speaking with the two, they discovered that Mathiau was “very drunk,” and the child, her son, was unlicensed.

The troopers who found the car arrested Mathiau for child endangerment. They also told ABC News that, while driving, Mathiau had “activated the car’s emergency brake numerous times in the middle of traffic.”

How soon are the mother of the year awards happening? Because I think we have a contender here.