Drunk Pilot Gropes Woman, Tries ‘to Rape Flight Deck,’ Passes Out

We sincerely hope we don’t have a captain like this guy the next time we board a plane. Or ever.

An off-duty British Airways captain was on a London-to-Japan flight, when he reportedly approached a woman in first class and molested her. He then attempted to walk into the cockpit and shouted “I want to rape the flight deck.”

He concluded his show by collapsing in front of passengers.

Keepin’ it classy…

Reports say the unnamed pilot was under the influence of whiskey when the incident occurred. Although he was off duty at the time, British Airways has decided to suspend the pilot for this gross misconduct and is investigating the whole event.

While we agree with the suspension, we wonder if it would just be better to let go of the employee altogether. According to reports, this isn’t the first time the same pilot has acted irrationally. He had just returned to his cushy, well-paying job after he was suspended last year for punching a steward in the face.

Feature Image: Travel Industry Today.com