Drunk Zombie Santa Terrorizes Home Alone Kids

According to the New York Post, an outrageously drunk zombie Santa Claus broke into a home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and terrorized a couple kids who were home alone.

Upon breaking into the residence, he scared a 14-year-old doing the dishes out of the house and his 16-year-old sister locked herself in a bathroom and phoned her parents, reported Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

When police arrived on the scene, what they found was not a pretty sight. Fortunately, he did not harm the teenagers, but he was found sleeping face-down in his own puke.

Apparently, there was a zombie bar crawl earlier in the evening and this guy must have had a just a little bit too much to drink.

The drunken zombie Santa was later identified by police as 21-year-old Brock Quinn Johnson, a senior at University of St. Thomas. He was booked for trespassing.

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