The Deathly Danger Threatening Kids in Pools This Summer

Swimming in pools is a summer tradition. The sun comes out and families head to the water for the day. While on-guard lifeguards and parents protect the children from drowning in the pool, there is a way for them to drown once they are out of the water too.

It is known as dry drowning andit  can happen hours to even a day after a child is in the pool. Dr. Lewis Maharam a sports medicine specialist explained to CBS News that the condition can occur when a child swallows water at the pool. While they may see fine after they cough a little, they are actually not. It is situation that is seen all the time when kids are in the water.

However, the problem happens when the children get home. “They had a normal day and then they go to bed and they’re coughing or they’re wheezing or their parents see bubbling from the mouth,” Dr. Maharam said.

Dry drowning can be prevented and doctors urge parents not to wait and to go straight to the emergency room when they notice an issue.