Duchess Kate Leaves Hospital; Baby Bump Watch Begins!

Kate Middleton has been released from the London hospital she has been staying at since last Sunday after being treated for acute morning sickness.

The news of her pregnancy (yay!) and the rumors that her acute morning sickness could be a symptom she’s carrying a double bundle of joy, has the media in a frenzy. Reporters from all over the world have been camped out outside the hospital, desperate for any source of news of her pregnancy.

One Australian radio station went so far as to impersonate members of the royal family to get information of Kate’s condition. Two Australian radio personalities Mel Greig and Michael Christian later apologized for the hoax in which they called in separately, pretending to be Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II. Privilaged information was given to them on the Duchess’s condition, an embarrassing mistake for the hospital’s reputation which they’ve since apologized for.

Both Kate’s sister Pippa and William were regular visitors to her bedside this week, as well as Queen Elizabeth II.

Kate left the hospital this morning with her husband and into a waiting car. She smiled and posed briefly for a photograph while clutching a small bouquet of yellow roses.

She is now headed back to Kensington Palace to begin a period of rest, since she has not reached the 12 weeks term in her pregnancy.