Dude Breaks Up with Lying, Cheating Girlfriend in Most Epic Way Possible (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Apparently, Mac Lethal fabricated the entire situation. The rapper allegedly stole some random picture off the internet and made the story about “Daryl” up for his song. The video was eventually taken off his YouTube channel after a lawsuit was filed against him.

If we ever caught our boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife cheating on us, it’s highly likely that we’d find a crafty way of letting them know that things were over.

Come to think of it, if we found out the way a man named Darryl did, we’d take matters to a whole new level.

When Darryl discovered his girlfriend Nicole was being unfaithful, he wrote an email to rapper Mac Lethal and asked him for a little help.

Here is the email:

mac email

What happened next is amazing. Darryl ended up receiving a response regarding his gluten-free, cheating woman from Mac Lethal via a Taylor Swift-style rap song on YouTube.